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Frontline sales Forces of a Pharmaceuticals company is a backbone of the organization. Field activities, company’s products promotion, marketing activities, all other things are being done by the sales forces. Those bunch of people are known as Med Rep or Medical Representative. Different companies are designated differently like Medical Promotion Officer (MPO), Medical Information Officer (MIO), Professional services Officer (PSO) etc. Unlike other Industries, the frontline people of Pharma should be with good level of very basic medical and disease knowledge of human body. At the same time also required knowledge on company products, other company products and some other relevant matters with medical profession. Additionally, it is required to have Industry and market knowledge, good communication skills and selling skills to convince medical doctors’ community and the people working in Pharmacies as well. Successfully completed a training program for weeks together started with around 60 newly recruited fresher for Renata Pharma sales Division and finally end up with 39 qualified candidates (Renata designated them as PSO). They completed both medical part training, products training as well as Selling Skills Training course.

Participant : 50 Newly Recruited Sales Forces, Pharmaceutical Sales Division, Renata Limited
Venue : BRAC Learning Centre, Ashkuoa, Uttara
Date : 08 July - 28 July 2019
Total Days : 16
Total Hours : 128

Training Objectives

Introductory & on-boarding training course for newly recruited sales forces of Renata Pharma Sales Division.

  • Fully understanding of Med Rep (Medical Representative) job by the newly recruited personnel. Grooming, learning and equipped them by providing required training for promotion of company products to customer level.
  • Providing basic training on Anatomy, Physiology & certain system of Human body, Microbiology, Pathology, diseases of human system & organs so that they can able to promote company products effectively.
  • Prepare and ready by providing training, ensure learning on company products as well as Competitors products’ for operating an individual Territory.
  • Ensure to maintain products knowledge up to the company standard level and also the knowledge on relevant disease and human system to make a face to face call with Healthcare professionals.
  • Ensure learning on products detailing skills to doctors’ level by role playing, mock detailing practice and learning by doing and presenting.

Training Outline

  • Anatomy, Physiology & certain system of Human body, Microbiology, Pathology, diseases of human system & organs.
  • Training on company’s regular promotional products by molecule and therapeutic group, composition, pharmacokinetics (all basic information), Indications, contra-indications, adverse reaction, Mode of action, dosages schedule etc.
  • Clear understanding on presentation/ dosage forms and pack size of the company products, Trade price, maximum retail price (MRP) etc.
  • General marketing strategies, Unique selling propositions
  • Selling tactics of own company products as well as Competitors products’ and basic information with their selling proposition.
  • Skills add-on for offering benefits to consider segmentation & targeting of customers.


The training is divided into the following sections:

  • Introductory presentation
  • Interactive presentations by different Facilitators
  • Regular exam and evaluation, final validation test – continuously not meeting standard & unsuccessful is in final validation test is disqualify and phase out from selection list.
  • Role playing & discussion individually and in group
  • Presentation by the participants
  • Learning by Fun & games
  • Mock detailing

Supporting materials

  • Workbook, hand-out, lecture sheet.
  • Multimedia presentation.
  • Audio-visual
  • Product promotional supporting tools like literature, print-out etc.

Introduction of other reference books
Question & Answers Session

Certificate Distribution