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Basic Sales Training


For Pharmaceuticals Sales Forces 


1. Introductory and On-boarding

  • Begins with Field Attachment: One week comprehensive field training with respective company’s Sales Forces to understanding the following things:
    • Fully understand the Med Rep (Medical Representative) job.
    • Practically see the spread over total time and core time of the job.
    • To understand the required basic knowledge, competencies and skills to do the job.
    • Upside and down side of the field job.
    • To see practically how the existing Rep working and communicating with customers.
    • Discipline & punctuality – how it is maintaining in the field job.
    • Chain of command – how it works in field job
    • To get the real feel and practical exposure of the Med Rep field job. As a result one can decide whether an individual would become fit or not. 
    • To understand required attitude, attire and grooming.
  • Anatomy, Physiology & other system of Human body (3 – 4 days Training for newly selected people)
  • Microbiology, Pathology, diseases of human system & organs (3 Days Class Room Training for new Joiners)

  • Products detail: Pharmacokinetics, Indications, contra-indications, Dosages etc. (3 – 7 days, depending on number of products of the Company

  • Details training on company’s regular promotional products by molecule and therapeutic group.

    • Composition, pharmacokinetics (all basic information)
    • Indications, contra-indications, adverse reaction.
    • Mode of action
    • Dosages schedule
    • All presentation/dosage forms and pack size.
    • Trade price, maximum retail price etc.
  • Marketing strategy & Competitors activities (this topic inbuilt with the Products detail)
    • General marketing strategies
    • Unique selling propositions
    • Selling tactics of own company products
    • Competitor’s products’ basic information with their selling proposition.
    • Skills add-on for offering benefits to consider segmentation & targeting of customers.
    • Brand benefit and company goodwill.

2. Basic Selling Skills Training Course (BSSTC) - Comprehensive training on basic selling skills and communication 3 – 4 days class room training with role play

  • Necessity and importance of selling skills in Pharmaceuticals selling process.
  • Role of selling skills for core sales team and as a whole in pharmaceuticals sales & marketing.
  • How to make an effective sales call to a HCP (Health Care Profession).
  • How to learn skills – concept of learning cycles.
  • Components of a ‘model sales call’ and where should give - how much emphasis and importance.
  • Detail analysis and understanding with role playing session for practical uses of all the components of a sales call.
  • Feedback during and after role playing session for each components of sales call with video recording (where it is necessary).
  • Ensure complete learning of selling skills by evaluation and then accreditation.

3. Advance Selling Skills Training Course (ASSTC) - Social style based selling skills 2 – 3 Days

         Course Objective

  • Understand how the current selling skills is enhanced through building relationships by relating to customers in their social style.
  • Identify and understand the dominant social style of an individual sales force
  • Learn how to assess the customers’ to determine their social style
  • Practice adapting sales force’s social style to relate to different customer styles

        Course Outline

  • Checking and refreshing current selling skills level.
  • Advanced Selling skills - communication process
  • Dimensions of Influencing - evaluating the personality styles of self & customers
  • All the components/ steps of sales call review, revise and refresh
  • Role Play, Feedback & Accreditation

4. Segmentation and Targeting (S&T) – One full day program

  • Full understanding of the concept S&T, Type of segmentation
  • Segmentation in macro and micro level.
  • Required skills to practice S&T.
  • Why Targeting is required for effective Territory management.
  • Benefit and impact of targeting.
  • Role of S&T in productivity enhancement program.
  • Pareto principle.

5. Key Account Management – One full day program

  • KAM concept in Pharmaceuticals business.
  • Criteria of KAM.
  • Key accounts management creating a successful relationship
  • KAM as a profit enhancement approach
  • Strategic customers & large customers
  • Four keys to good Key Account Management
  • KAM matrix for products, services and customers.

6. Communication skills & Negotiation skills – Day long program

        Communication skills

  • Definition, model, style of communication including dimension.
  • Communication interference and channel.
  • Common communication barrier
  • Components of different types of communication
  • Use of power line and emotion in communication
  • Communication style grid and matrix
  • Personal and business communication

       Negotiation skills

  • Definition, purpose and area of uses
  • Negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Negotiation overcoming obstacles
  • Why do normally fear to negotiate
  • Primary Motivation in A Negotiation


Sales Leadership Development

For Pharmaceuticals Managers


1. Basic Leadership & Situational Leadership – 2 to 3 Days comprehensive program (Introduction to the Leadership concept for newly promoted 1st line Managers and application of Leadership style in different situation for Managers who are involved in people management)

Course Objective

  • Definition and understanding Leadership.
  • Apply the leadership styles by the Leader/ First line & other managers
  • Achieve work/ tasks completion through group & individual leadership
  • Balance task, group, and individual needs for effective leadership
  • Develop individual responsibility & capability
  • Delegate tasks, decision-making & achievement to individuals

Course Outline

  • Management and Leadership understanding and difference
  • Aspect of Leadership, Type of Leadership
  • Flexible Leadership and Various factors influence Leadership style
  • Detail on Leadership styles (simulation and role play)
  • Delegation : advantage, difficulties, when delegation is not used and when delegation fails
  • Action centered Leadership & Integrated Leadership
  • Unbalanced Leadership
  • Leadership power and influence.


2. Field Coaching for 1st line & 2nd line Pharma Field Managers – (Three Training Modules for High Potential Managers for 3 Days)

2(A).   Field Managers’ - Self Development

  • Learning on preferred thinking and communication preferences and how it is impacted the way of lead and coach
  • Understand how a leader can inspire, energize and influence the team through a flexible communication model
  • Understand what is meant by and explore the underpinning principles of authentic leadership
  • Draft the leadership legacy of an individual leader.

2(B).  Field Managers’ - Team development

  • Understand and be able to apply a highly effective coaching process
  • Be able to increase the quantity & quality of coaching conversations and coaching ‘moments’
  • Know how to increase trust and respect with others
  • Improve coach-ability and accountability of Reps
  • Apply coaching skills to specific sales competencies
  • Ensure coaching supports the various sales models


2 (C) Field Managers’ - Business development

  • Understand the value of business planning
  • Know how to develop rigorous but flexible business and action plans that will drive and enhance business and team performance
  • Know how to deliver the right result at the right time with the right people doing the right things.
  • Importance of top line in Business management.